5-8 Years


Kids need exercise, friendship and fun – and Studio A’s jazz funk classes are a great way for them to get all that and more! Jazz funk is a high-energy style of dancing that gives the basics of ballet a fun twist. It incorporates a wide range of musical styles, and is excellent for promoting flexibility and building confidence. Our Kindagroove and Mini classes are ideal for kids aged six and under and are a great way to start getting your kids into dancing in a fun, nurturing family-oriented environment.

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9-12 Years


Do you love to dance? Are you ready to learn a great new dance style? Then give Jazz Funk a go! Jazz Funk is super cool – it’s full of kicks, jumps and turns and it’s heaps of fun to watch… but it’s even more fun to do! If you want to learn all the cool moves you need to go along with your favourite songs, and make new friends at the same time, come along to check out Studio A’s Jazz Funk classes – once you start, you won’t want to stop!

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13-18 Years


What do you get if you take the style and elegance of classical ballet and give it a fresh new twist? You get Jazz Funk! Jazz Funk is a dynamic, high-energy dance style that’s great fun and great exercise – and because it uses a variety of musical styles there’s always something new to look forward to. Whether you’re already a dancer and want to increase your versatility or you’ve never danced before, Jazz Funk is a great style to get started on. Why not grab a friend and give it a go?

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