Fees: Our fees are based on the number of classes per child.
Siblings will receive $10 for each class excluding troupe or show group. Siblings package #1: 10-11 classes $1250, #2: 12-14 classes $1500, #3: $1700

• Fees are payable by the term in advanced.

• New enrolments will pay a once off enrolment fee of $25 per new student and $35 per family.

• Payment for the whole term is due 4th week of each term.

Term Accounts will include:

Term 1: Fees
Term 2: Fees And Concert Costumes- $45-$65 per costume depending on age and class. Majority of costumes are retained after concert  by students. Will be notified closer to concert on the 'what am i wearing sheet'. All accessories must be returned

Costume Fee Structure:

$45 costumes: Kindagroove, primary jazz, primary ballet, primary tap, boys, mini hip hop, mini contemporary.

$45-$50: Grade 1-3 ballet, junior jazz, junior tap, pre-teen jazz, pre-teen tap, acrobatics, cheerleading, hip hop 1,2 & 3, contemporary 1 & 2, singing 1.

$55-$65: Grade 4/5 ballet, intermediate foundation, intermediate, advanced foundation, advanced, open, pointe ballet, teen jazz, teen tap, pre senior/senior jazz, pre senior/senior tap, contemporary 3. Please note: Child or families that are in 5 or more at $45 will receive $20 discount. 10 more will receive $40 discount. Full Tutus for ballet are $50-$55 hire only. Hip Hop 4 and singing 2 have no charge as they provide their own costume.
Term 3: Fees And Theatre Rehearsal- Family with 1 child and 1-3 dances $50 , 1 child in 4 or more dances $80,  2 children fee is $90, 3 or more children $125. This fee covers, dress rehearsal, tech run,  concert and dressing rooms for those that are in 4 or more dances.
Term 4: Fees And Opening Costume/Rehearsal

• Term 2, 3 and 4 accounts will be sent out in the last week of each term based on classes enrolled in the Term prior, for each student. (Please notify us immediately if you do not receive your account before the end of term or you have changed address.)

• Discontinuing a class is permitted at the beginning of Term 2 only either by phone, email, letter or in person. If this is not done, full fees plus costume hire will continue to be charged for the rest of the year.

• Classes will not be refunded unless the class has been cancelled by management. There will be no refunds for classes missed due to holidays, injuries, sickness, sport, religious or family commitments.

• Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day and Queens Birthday are the only public holiday’s where we will be closed. Studio A classes are as normal at other times 

• Costumes for the concert will not be given out until all fees/costumes are paid for by week 4 of term 4.

Term fees are based on the four school terms. These are averaged out over the year so that each term is the same price regardless of the weeks or public holidays.

A Slight increase in fees each year due to increase of rent and outgoings!

Methods Of Payment:

Cheque payments

• All cheques are to be made out to Jasmine Dekantios or Studio A.
• Please write your child’s full name on the back of the cheque.
• A $10 dishonour fee will be charged for any cheques that are not accepted by our bank. After one dishonoured cheque, this will no longer be a payment option.

Direct Deposit payments

Commonwealth Bank.

Jasmine Dekantios or Studio A.

BSB: 062 198
ACC: 10728921


**** Please include your child’s full name in your payment and notify the office of your payment****

Thanks, Jasmine