Studio A Child Protection Policy
Everyone who participates at Studio A – Your Performing arts Centre is entitled to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment. Studio A has an obligation to ensure young people, teachers/volunteers are provided with the highest possible standard of care. Studio A will promote and maintain the welfare of every child in our care and seek to protect them from harm regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or any other form of identity or creed. We will create a safe and welcoming environment for all. This policy applies to all our staff/volunteers and covers children under the age of 18 and/or young adults under the age of 24.

To protect children and young people in our care, we will:
• Value and respect children and listen to what they have to
• Work with children, parents and relevant organisations
• Share our policy to all staff, parents and students
• Ensure all staff have a current WWCC
• Provide appropriate training and support to all staff
• Take full responsibility for children and young people’s safety when in our care

• Seek permission or written agreement from parents before taking images (photographs or film/videos) and inform them how and when they will be used
• Report suspected neglect or abuse to the principal of Studio A, a nominated staff member or police
• Provide parents and students with full information in case of a dance event or concert
• Take all signs of bullying very seriously and take immediate action and report any concerns to the principal or nominated staff member
• Inform all appropriate members of the action taken and hold meetings with families involved to report on the progress

Individual teachers Will:
• Strive to communicate a love of dance
• Show professional attitudes, including punctuality, reliability, and responsible care of the students
• Strive to develop self-discipline and self motivation in the students
• Work in an open environment
• Encourage and support the students in class situation
• Seek to recognise and develop each students potential and offer appropriate guidance for further progress
• Teachers will choreograph safe and age appropriate movements and be prepared for any medical emergencies that may occur in class• Individual teachers will take responsibility for seeking more knowledge in all aspects of their work

Teachers should never:
• Allow or engage in inappropriate physical touching
• Allow or engage in provocative games
• Reduce a child to tears as a form of control
• Fail to act on, and record any allegations made by the child


We will actively maintain and promote good health and safety procedures and will:
• Maintain safe and healthy work conditions
• Be open to comments and suggestions from our employees, students and their parents, on matters relating to health and safety
• Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees and students and make them aware of this policy
• Ensure all employees are capable of doing their tasks, hold any required qualifications, and that they receive adequate training
• Record any harm or injuries that occur in class in an accident book located on the shelf of the larger studio and make changes where required to avoid similar incidents in the future
• Provide facilities that have suitable flooring, space, air conditioner and fans, changing areas
• Follow Australian privacy laws and principles


The Dance School director will review this policy each year and
will undertake to seek views, comments and suggestions from
students, parents, carers and staff.

This Document was last updated 04/01/2022