5-8 Years

Watching your child slip on their first pair of ballet shoes is a special moment that you’ll cherish forever, and dancing on stage is a dream that ballet will make come true for your child. Ballet lessons can improve your child’s posture and flexibility, and the friendships that are built in a ballet studio can last a lifetime. At Studio A we offer a high-quality education in true classical style, and our friendly, nurturing atmosphere will ensure that your kids feel loved and encouraged as they learn.

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9-12 Years

Imagine stepping out onto a stage in your very own tutu and tiara and being able to pirouette, plié and glide like a real ballerina. Are you ready to stop imagining and start making it happen? Everyone knows ballet is beautiful and graceful, but did you know that almost every other dance style is based on ballet? If you want to learn how to dance, ballet is the best place to start! When you learn ballet at Studio A, you’ll get to find out just what a real ballerina feels like – and you’ll get to make some great friends to share the stage with!

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13-18 Years

Ballet is all about making dreams come true… and at Studio A, we can help you to get there. Whether you want to improve your strength, poise and basic technique in order to get the most out of your chosen dance style, or dream of gliding out onto the stage as a professional ballerina, classical ballet is essential to your growth as a dancer. Studio A provides opportunities to sit the Royal Academy of Dancing Ballet exams, and will work with you to help you reach personal goals or prepare for a career as a professional dancer. We have a friendly, welcoming environment that makes sure every class is relaxed and fun, so slip on your ballet shoes and get ready to make your dance dreams come true.

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